Nov 8, 2009


Niji is a Japanese restaurant located at the corner of Ellesmere and Midland. They have good food and serve enormous portions. It’s a nice small place for Japanese food that isn't too pricey. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, be prepared to wait in line. This place is always packed on the weekends.

We had five people and decided to order the “Love Boat” and “Family Boat” since we had three big eaters in the group (including myself). I may be small, but I'm positive I can out eat all of the (skinny) guys I know haha. My stomach knows no bounds, especially when it comes to sweets. Okay, back to the sushi. Here is what the Love Boat and Family Boat consists of:

Love Boat ($29.95):

2 soups, 2 salads, tempura, Bulgogi, 6pcs. Sushi, 9pcs Sashimi and 12 pcs Maki, ice cream

Family Boat ($49.95):

4 soup, 4 salads, Tempura, Bulgogi, Yaki dumplings, 16pcs Sushi, 12 pcs Sashimi, and 24 pcs Maki, ice cream

We also got miscellaneous free side dishes such as jap chae, seaweed salad etc.

We finished off with a choice of either green tea or red bean ice cream. I prefer green tea ice cream because it seems to me that red bean ice cream is just red bean sprinkled in some vanilla ice cream.

We got more food than we could eat. We ended up finishing almost everything except the 2nd Bulgogi. They provided us with excellent service and offered to move us to a more private area since we were ordering so much. I generally prefer this over all you can eat Japanese buffets. Although you get a wider selection at buffets, I feel the quality is often compromised.

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  1. Private room? Did they provide a geisha too? Sushi is gross.