Dec 20, 2009


Soma, nestled in the distillery district, is a factory, cafe, and boutique all in one. The moment you step into this store, your olfactory and visual senses are bound to go into overdrive. The aroma of chocolate and spices that permeate the air will compel you to buy everything in sight.

Soma creates hand made chocolates sourced from plantations around the world. They sell a wide variety of chocolate products such as truffles, chocolate bars, hot chocolate drinks, gelato, chocolate dipped nuts and much more.
They also have a viewing glass that allows customers to see every step of the process.

Dark Side of the Mug.

I've been told their hot chocolate is absolutely amazing. I ordered the "Dark Side of the Mug" (I'm guessing the owners are Pink Floyd fans) for about $3.35. It consists of grounded dark chocolate with three options: 1) as a potent shot of chocolate goodness 2) with steamed milk or 3) with hot water. I opted for the second option because a shot has a thicker consistency. So what's the verdict? It was one best hot chocolates I've ever had. Every sip was infused with rich and potent dark chocolate.

Soma Chocolates

One of the chocolate making contraptions seen through the viewing window.

Sorry for the semi-long hiatus. Work has kept me busy and incredibly tired every day. I'm starting to think I'm developing a case of chronic fatigue........or mono.


  1. I have to comment because i feel bad that the only comment on your entry is from a spammer spamming about chinese porn sites LOL

    its bryan btw and yes i can read chinese because I am awesome like that

    What intersection is this place!? I want to check it out!

  2. i didnt know it was porn spam until i got my co-worker to translate for me. so bryan you gave me a pity comment haha? awww i'm touched haha!

  3. The only time I've been to Soma was when a bunch of us sat down for a mini-tour of the place. Basically, the tour consisted of them regaling us about how the chocolate was homemade (duh) and organic. However, the chocolate was indeed fantastic. Get a case of Mill St. beer and Soma chocolate sounds like a rewarding trip down to the Distillery.