Feb 7, 2010

My Cupcake Obsession: Crumb's Bake Shop

Cupcakes are good, but I never truly understood the hype surrounding it. To me, it was just a fancified miniature cake. Nothing special, but then everything changed the moment I took my first bite into a Crumb's cupcake in New York City. The chocolate cake part was soft and moist, and the buttercream frosting melted in my mouth while this smooth lava cake-esqe center oozed onto my palate. Let's not forget about the crunchy walnuts and caramel that was delicately laced on top. It was pure bliss. Here's a picture of THE cupcake that started it all:

It tastes better than it looks!

To further try to convince you how exquisite it was, let me continue to describe what a bite of heaven probably tastes like. Make no mistake, it was not your typical cupcake. It was as if the chocolate cake made sweet sweet love to the creamy buttery frosting and created gooey chocolate babies in the center that erupted into your mouth with such vigor. Oh, and the nuts! The crunchy walnuts that speckle the cupcake with such delicate grace, all the while cavorting with the velvety caramel that shimmies across the buttercream frosting with such finesse. This pairing was surely a match made in heaven. It was best said when Marshall from How I Met You Mother declared, "This is God, speaking to us through food".

Here are some pictures taken at Crumbs:

Cupcake galore! How can anyone resist? There isn't a single flavor I wouldn't try.

More cupcakes.
I'm salivating in front of the computer while looking at these pictures.

I want to try this. Usually pistachio tastes good in most desserts (i.e. macarons, gelato, etc).

Worth every 450 calorie.

Cakes. To me it's basically a supersized version of their cupcakes.

I regret not buying this to bring back to Toronto =(

I'm on a mission to find the best cupcake money can buy in Toronto. I know I'm being dramatic. I also know I dramatized the whole experience, but it really was the best damn cupcake I've ever had.

This post is somewhat of a segue into future entries on my new food obsession. So stay tuned as I embark on a mission to find the best cupcakes Toronto has to offer. It may or may not be successful since I can be incredibly lazy, but here are a few places I intend on trying:

1) The Cupcake Shoppe
2) Miss Cora's Kitchen
3) Lollicakes
4) Dufflets
5) Sweet Tooth Pastry Shop
6) Life is Sweet

Any suggestions?


  1. How about Wal-Mart and Sobeys? I know they sell cupcakes too. Any thoughts?

  2. I never really understood the cupcake craze here haha.. I'll tell you what, next time I visit home, I'll bring a box of em back (and charge 43x tariff fee). I don't know if the cupcakes will retain their form after being stuffed into a suitcase. Last time I tried to bring food onto the plane, those big up TSA german shepards porked me with lil wayne music playing in the background.

    german pork sausage oktoberfests

  3. If you love cupcakes, tt's a good time to open a store here in HK!

    Cupcakes are starting to get quite popular here and there's only 3-4 stores in all of HK. More people are starting to buy cupcakes instead of the traditional egg tarts.

    I don't understand. The cupcakes go for $30HKD and up. Is it really worth that much for 2 bites of a cake? haha

    But oh well, it's a good time to make some bank before more cupcake stores start springing up.

  4. Cheung:
    I would love to open up a cupcake shop, but I don't quite have the capital requirements needed to run a store ( since I'd prob want to hire someone to do the work, I don't want to bake every day for the rest of my life haha).

    I'm expecting them the next time you come back from NYC. The tariff only applies if it's in mint condition. I'm pretty sure it'll look like something you threw up after a long night of drinking if you stuff it in your bag like that. haha what does german pork sausages have to do with cupcakes?

  5. i've had the cupcake shoppe's! I would say the hype > taste. They were okay, but I don't think they were really soft/fluffy enough. The icing was just missing a little bit of sweetness for me. But the main reason i got them was to surprise a friend for her birthday... and that was accomplished, so I was pretty pleased with the effect! can't wait to see how you feel about them!

  6. iamclue: i've tried cupcake shoppe and i agree with you, it's overrated. it wasn't as good as i expected, i was disappointed.