Feb 15, 2010

Hollywood Gelato

1640 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, ON

Hollywood Gelato is located in Bayview/Leaside Village and during the summer times the long line ups are usually outside of the door. I went last Sunday afternoon around 3:50ish. They only had half of their usual gelato available, but luckily they still had the flavors I was craving for. It's $3.95 for a small (two scoops and flavors), and about $ 4.95 for a large (three scoops).

The difference between regular ice cream and gelato is that gelato is made with more milk, while ice cream is blended with cream. Gelato tends to be denser and has a smoother velvety texture. It usually has a lower fat content of around 5-7%, versus ice cream that has 10-15% fat.

Here are some of the flavors I've tried and my vague recollection of them:

Rocky Rocher- Tastes exactly like Ferrero Rocher, it even has large pieces of hazelnut in it.

Pistachio- Good, but there are better Pistachio gelato out there.
Burnt Marshmallow- It literally has burnt particles mixed in.
Raspberry- This is too sour for my liking.
Mango - Refreshing and tangy.
Twix- A little too sweet.
Tiramisu- I didn't like it at all, I considered throwing it out.
Key Lime Pie- It's very limey and has pieces of crust in it.
Pumpkin Pie- Why would someone think this is a good idea? I tried it out of curiosity.
Peanut Butter Chocolate - It has just the right amount of peanut butter.

I got the Pistachio (top) and Rocky Rocher (bottom) in a waffle cone.

I've been to Hollywood Gelato many times and I've tried around 10+ flavors, but Rocky Rocher is still my absolute favorite. It captures the tastes of Ferrero Rocher perfectly.


  1. it's my fav too!! I think we've discussed this many times before!! Mmmmm... i'm craving it now!!! :) - Trace

  2. Trace:

    I'm craving it now too! Well, that and Duff's Wings (which we have discussed many times as well haha). When it gets warmer, we should go one day after our dinner get togethers :)