Sep 15, 2009

Athens Pastries

I decided to give the spanakopitas at Athens Pastries a try because I’ve heard they are amazing. A Spanakopita is a savory spinach pie filled with feta cheese, spinach, and onions in a phyllo pastry. There are currently two Athens Pastries locations, one located on Danforth and the other in Scarborough next to Johnny’s Burgers.

For $3.30, I got a good sized spanakopita fresh out of the oven. It was warm, cheesy, flaky, and had the right amount of saltiness. Although it has everything I like such as phyllo, cheese, and a bit of veggies to make me feel less guilty for indulging, I wasn’t left completely satisfied. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Don’t get me wrong though, the spanakopita was delicious.


  1. Athens is more know for their loukoumades and galaktoboureko than their pastries. Further down by just east of pape you can try their Spanakopita and Tyropita, a much more healthier alternative than the Athens brand if you compare nutritional info and more flavourful, especially their Cheese version. Their loukoumades however are not as good.

  2. My apologies, the place east of Pape is Akropolis Pastries, 708 Danforth avenue.