Sep 20, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory

While we were in Buffalo shopping at the Walden Galleria, we were all starving and decided to go The Cheesecake Factory. This restaurant is known to have a wide variety of cheesecakes, as well as dishes. Some of the dishes here are a hit or miss. I think this is a direct result of trying to cater to everyone’s palate. They should have a balanced menu, but concentrate on creating a few key signature dishes rather than offering an overwhelming amount of choices.

Creating these dishes is quite methodical since it is a chain restaurant, and theoretically there should be consistency across all these locations. Somehow, I feel the Buffalo location falls below standard. I usually like the Chicken Marsala dish, but it didn’t taste as good as it usually does at other locations such as Las Vegas or Houston.

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala has button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, chicken, bowtie pasta, and a touch of marsala wine.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

A gripe I have when it comes to food is I dislike extremes. I hate foods that are too salty, too oily, too hard, and especially too sweet. Out of all the cheesecakes I’ve tried the Tiramisu is the best. It has the right amount of sweetness and the coffee flavor in the tiramisu cheesecake is not too potent or overpowering.

White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake

The macadamia nut gave this cheesecake a nice touch, but it was overly sweet due to the excessive amounts of caramel.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

It was good but the raspberry was a bit too sour.

Overall, the cheesecakes were good and the restaurant had an extensive offering. I would recommend this place to all you cheesecake lovers out there.

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