Sep 2, 2009

Kensington Market

During the summer, “Pedestrian Sunday” takes place every last Sunday of the month. They close down the streets of Kensington Market to allow pedestrians to roam around freely without worrying about getting run over. On these Sundays, the streets are filled with artists, performers, interactive games and street vendors.

I honestly love this place. Every time I come here, I feel like I’ve stepped into an unfamiliar territory that's trapped in a semi-70’s time warp. It is as if I’m crossing over to this south of the equator country where everything is languid. Maybe I feel this way because I’m probably a sheltered Suburban kid, but I find Kensington Market strangely charming.

I like the tacky shops, the Rastafarian man at House of Moses occasionally smoking questionable substances, the loud music blaring through the streets, and the vibrant colors and designs that cover every inch of that vicinity. Kensington Market is brimming with diversity, culture, people, and eclectic stores and boutiques.

Click to enlarge because these thumbnails don't do these pictures justice.

Streets of Kensington on Pedestrian Sundays.

Courage My Love is one of the more interesting stores in Kensington. It sells a collection of novelty buttons, jewelry, purses, second hand clothing, and much more.

People playing musical chairs in the middle of the streets.

Life sized scrabble. Not to be a spelling nazi, but isnt "veggy" suppose to be "veggie"?

One of the many eccentric stores that sells useless baubles and clothing.

I think these paintings are more suited for a candy store or a daycare rather than an a clothing store.

Here’s a picture of me buying a water balloon for 25 cents. I’m a sucker for cute kids. I contemplated on giving it to a random kid, but I was afraid he/she would be ungrateful and hurl it back at me. So instead, I suspiciously walked to an alley and threw it at the ground. Pretty pointless, I know haha.

"Serving Potheads...since AH I forget" hahaha

This kid was doing portraits of people for $2. I saw the end results, it was pretty good.

I found this inside the Blue Banana Market store. It is easily one of the best stores in Kensington market.

Ch-ch-ch-Chia car! Don't pretend you don't know what I'm referring to because I'm sure everyone has seen the Chia pet commercials. Oh, how I miss the 90's.


  1. Kensingston market looks like a hippie-fest. I have to say that I've never been there before. You didn't mention what they had to eat there!

    You showed that back alley who's boss. Take that, concrete floor! Now that water will seep through your cracks and expand it, ruining your structural integrity! I win again!

  2. You haven't been to Kensington market before, HLF? You should rectify that, only to confirm your beliefs that it's a hippie-fest. As for food, I'm not a huge fan of the restaurants there. Maybe it's because I go there to get specialty cheeses or wander into European Meats, but I haven't sat down in Kensington for a bite to eat all that often.