Jan 10, 2010

Gross Food #4: Ikizukuri

Ikizukuri is another gross food I may potentially try one day. I'd have to overcome my feeling of guilt first.

What is it?

It usually begins with the customer choosing a fish it wants to eat. The sashimi chef proceeds to gut the fish and cut it into slices of sashimi. Seems reasonable and innocent so far right? Well, here's the catch.... the chef does all of that without killing the fish and reassembles the poor thing like a jigsaw puzzle. It's then served while the heart is still beating and it's wriggling and convulsing in pain. The beating heart part reminds of Edgar Allan Poe's Telltale Heart for some reason.


- No need to worry whether it's sashimi grade and whether it came from questionable sources. It is the freshest sashimi you'll ever have.

- This is probably akin to porn for all you sadists out there. Sickos!


Have you no heart or soul?

This dish is completely inhumane.

Imagine this...you're swimming along and minding your own business, or chasing some sexy tails when this hand pulls you out and slams you against the cutting board. He then proceeds to slice away at your body and flicks away your precious organ with such swiftness. You think "OH GOD, what have I done to deserve this? Are you punishing me because I copped a feel by brushing my fins against that lady-fish yesterday? Oh well, at least this will be a quick death." You soon realize you were dead wrong. The gut wrenching pain (wait, your guts are gone) just got worst by ten folds and before you know it you're de-boned with your pounding heart and head intact. Suddenly, you see these hands reassembling you and trying to make you look all dandy by placing some ginger near your head. From the corner of your eye, you then see these humans ogling and laughing from amusement because you're writhing in pain and trying to hold onto your last dying breathe. You wait and wait and wait for what feels like eternity. The excruciating pain eventually subsides and your last conscious thought is "Is that my derriere they are eating?". You then disappear into obscurity (and stomachs). How sad is that?


How can i possible make this experience any better? Perhaps I should end it's suffering by severing its head first. I think my guilt would consume me before I even finish consuming the poor thing.

Here's a video of this atrocity:


  1. I like your sense of humour. The squid in the video is so lively. hahaha...

  2. I got Ikizukuri too...