Jan 27, 2010

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You

This is by far my favorite Led Zeppelin song. I can listen to it anytime regardless of what mood I'm in.
It's one of the most seductive songs I've heard. There's just something about the way Robert Plant sings with such despair and conviction, and let's not forget Jimmy Page's amazing bluesy guitar solo.

Interesting facts:

- Jimmy Page played this guitar solo in one take.

- Apparently if you listen carefully, you can hear the squeak of John Bonham's drum pedal.


  1. Ah, Led Zeppelin. Easily my third favourite band behind The Beatles and Nirvana. My favourite Zeppelin song is Ten Years Gone. First solo I ever learned to play. Don't remember it anymore though haha

  2. So are The Beatles or Nirvana your favorite?

    I learned one minute of Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Love You before, but it was terrible. I'm bad at anything that requires hand eye coordination, or just coordination in general.

  3. How long ago did you learn it? Gotta keep practising!

  4. Nirvana, eh? That's a little surprising, HLF, given your taste for The Beatles and The Zepp.

    Going to California is probably my favourite, but phenomenal choice either way, Ms. Foodtographie.

  5. Bkblades, you'd be surprised by half of what HLF listens to haha, but then again the same could be said about me. I have many guilty pleasures.

    Going to California is an incredible song too. Why can't rock be this good nowadays? They had Led Zeppelin, while we have Nickelback. Of course, there are exceptions (i.e. Radiohead...I know I mention them a lot, but I assure you I'm not Scott Tenorman from South Park haha).