Jan 20, 2010

Jersey Shore

Dear Jersey Shore,

I initially thought your show was dumb, incredibly superficial, and one of the most ridiculous shows created in television history. I thought you exploited these poor kids, dramatized the whole "guido/guidette" scene, and brought trashiness to a whole new level. I mean who has nicknames like "The Situation", "Snooki", or "JWWWOOOOWW"? After being constantly told how great this show is, I finally caved and watched an episode. It was love at first watch. I liked it so much I stayed up into the wee hours to catch up on 6 episodes in one night. Your show is sheer brilliance. It's not something that can be written or scripted. If it is scripted, the writers are literary geniuses. I fell in love instantly when I watched Vinny talk about his "fist pumping" and when The Situation, Ronnie and Pauly D went about their daily GTL routine (gym, tan and laundry baby!). It was also very endearing when Vinny freaked out over his pink eye from "particles that fell from dancing under that fat chick". This show is my guilty pleasure and I am thoroughly embarrassed that I'm so enamored to it, but I can't deny my love for Jersey Shore anymore. I misjudged you. I retract my hostile statements about this show. Vinny is my favorite, Mike comes up with brilliant phrases (i.e. committed a robbery, grenade, GTL), Snooki is like a cute/innocent yappy small dog, and I want a friend like JWoooww. The girl will throw down for you if someone calls you fat. I hope MTV brings you guys back for another season. You have provided me with hours of entertainment and laughter. Goodbye Jersey Shore. You will be missed.

Fist pumping!

My favorite. Vinny with his expressive eyebrows. I wonder if he plucks them, they look groomed.


  1. I hope this show does not continue past this season. Guidoism is a serious disease and should not be celebrated. We should try to get these people some help. Shows like this and growing up Gotti are selling these idiots as cool and as a result, they are influencing young Italians to become these pricks. Let's nuke New Jersey for the greater good. While they're at it, they can take out Woodbridge too.

  2. You need to jump on the Jersey Shore bandwagon asap haha. If it wasn't good why would your sister, friends, and I all watch it? This show has the best quotes. You're missing out!