Mar 3, 2010

St. Lawrence Market

92 Front Street East

Toronto, ON

I recently made a trip out to St. Lawrence Market out of boredom and hunger. On Saturdays, they have a farmers market in the North building starting bright and early at 5am. Usually, by the time I get there, only the leftovers and rejects are left. I really should wake up earlier, but who doesn't like to sleep in on the weekends. I think it's important to support local farmers by purchasing their products. I know usually they charge a slight premium, but it's fresher and helps keep local growers in business. I can't say that I buy locally very often, but I'll try to more often in the future.

Here's are some pictures I've taken recently and over the summer:

Portuguese Tart I randomly bought in the lower level.

Whoever created this is a genius. How many of you have excitedly brought a banana to work only to find it's been battered up so badly that you thought Chris Brown was the culprit (Ok, not funny and I know I made a lame joke in poor taste)? Although I'm 99% sure most bananas aren't that long and big, I guess it never hurts to overcompensate. This phallic shaped contraption proves to be quite useful, but I'd be a bit embarrassed be seen holding this. It reminds me of something you would find in a shop called "Aren't We Naughty" (at Yonge & Sheppard, I've never been there I swear).

This place makes their own pasta. Freshly made pasta is considered better because the rougher texture (in comparison to ones that are mass produced) retains more sauce. Every time I come here they're giving out samples.

St. Urbain's bagels are fantastic. They're chewy, soft and baked in a wood burning oven.

Sausages. It looks so unappetizing when it's rolled up like that. It reminds me of intestines.

Tilapia Fish Sandwich from Buster's Sea Cove.

Apparently their peameal bacon sandwich is really popular. Maybe it's because I'm not a peameal fan, but I didn't find anything special about it.

Blowfish. I've always wondered what fugu tastes like.


  1. The banana guard intrigues me. Will it accept bananas of all shapes and sizes? What if my banana is too long, how do I fit the whole thing in? What if it's too short? It's really the girth that matters, right? What if it's not wide enough and doesn't fit snuggly against the walls of the banana guard? What if it's too wide and I have trouble stuffing it in? What if my banana is too crooked? Will I have to bend my banana? Will it break if I do that? Does it accept brown bananas or just yellow ones? What if my banana is spotty? should I get it checked out? Wait...What were we talking about again?

  2. I think you stopped talking about bananas after the second sentence......Well, the "guard" is created extra large to deal with the problems of too long, wide, and varying girths(look at that massive thing compared to my hands haha). But, if you have an abnormally small banana, there's bound to be extra space and you won't get the most out of the guard. It's best when it's a perfect fit. Isn't that true for most situations? Crooked banana? Why would anyone want to a crooked one?

  3. Did you actually buy that banana guard? haha
    I was staring at the picture of the blowfish wondering what it was. Its shape sorta looks like a pig's head to me, but maybe I'm just weird like that

  4. ILoveChocolateee: I sort of wanted to, but I didnt buy it. i would get weird looks if i whipped it out at work hahaha. Also, I do see the pig's head part. I thought that too when I first saw this picture.