Aug 28, 2009

Sanrio at McDonalds

At one point, Sanrio was my childhood obsession. I used to go to Rainbow Fair at Sharpstown Mall in Houston, Texas almost every other week (before it became super ghetto and Paul Wall opened his “grillz” jewelry store there). I had Sanrio pens, erasers, binder, t-shirts, backpack, wallet, watch, pencil case, calculator, hat, etc…you get the idea. I know, I was a sad child. I'm ashamed to admit this because I'm the same girl who hates flowers and stuffed animals. I always found them so impractical.

So when I went to McDonalds on Tuesday, I was completely shocked to see my childhood love, Kerropi. Seeing Sanrio happy meal toys made me feel nostalgic and ecstatic. They had Sanrio figurines and plush toys which included Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kerropi, and Chococat. The toy comes with a coloring pencil that is used to customize and color the figurine. It actually looks really bad when you color it, because the color is blotchy and rubs off. If you don’t feel like compromising your health or if you’re ashamed to get a happy meal because you’re too old, you can purchase it individually for $1.79.

I don't know if you can tell, but I colored his bow tie green. I gave my Chococat the full photoshoot treatment by adjusting the lighting and using printer paper to make the background white haha.


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  1. Were you scared of all the black people? I would be too. Especially if they rolled up with 22's on their Impala low riders while bumping Three 6 Mafia.

    I've always wanted a grill though. Wouldn't that be so cool to have you teeth iced out? Picking up women will never be easier. The bling is instant attraction and they will assume you're ballin to spend so much money on something so impractical. That's it, I'm going in for a fitting next weekend.