Oct 22, 2009


Bymark is hidden in a corner inside the TD Dominion Centre. When I use to work in that building, I passed by this restaurant every day without even realizing it. The dining area of the restaurant has a contemporary decor and a good ambiance. Bymark has exceptional service and is a nice place for a romantic dinner.

I ordered the "Tagliatelle with butter braised lobster, woodland mushrooms and torn basil" ($36.95). This dish has three different kinds of mushrooms, lots of herbs, and the pasta and lobster were cooked just right. It was good, but after tasting the yellow fin tuna I felt that I could have gotten something better.

My friend ordered the "Grilled Yellow Fin tuna with citrus herb crust, oven cured tomatoes, kalamata olives and roasted pepper puree" ($37.95). The portion was incredibly small but every bite was filled with flavor. The yellow fin tuna was pan seared, which gave the fish two different textures. The center was raw but very tender. The sauce and herbs on the fish complemented each other perfectly.

Overall, it was a good dining experience. Since Bymark is on the pricey side, I'll only go back for special occasions or if I'm ever swimming in money
in the future (haha i wish).

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