Oct 8, 2009

On Repeat

I’m probably in no position to give music recommendations because sometimes I have the most obscure taste or just really bad taste in music. I occasionally give into my guilty pleasures and find myself singing along and bobbing my head to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Here are some albums I’ve been listening to on repeat:

1) St. Vincent – Actor Out of Work

On her album cover, St. Vincent appears to have this void in her eyes with an alien-esque face, but I assure you that’s not a reflection of her music. Here are some of the songs I like on the album: The Party, Actor Out of Work, The Strangers, and The Bed.

2) Muse – The Resistance

There a number of people out there who claim Muse is a copycat of Radiohead. The only thing they have in common is their lead singer’s frequent use of their falsetto voice. Their music instrumentation and style are completely different from each other. My favorite album from Muse is still Origin of Symmetry. Space Dementia is an epic song, end of story. I like almost every song on the album but one of my personal favorites is Undisclosed Desires.

3)Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

I’m a Radiohead fan and I realized I mentioned them a few times already, but by no means am I on the same level as Scott Tenorman (South Park). I started listening to Natasha Khan because I read that Thom Yorke is a fan of Bat For Lashes. Natasha’s languid vocals mingle seamlessly with the keyboard, bass, drums and synths. My favorites on the album are Siren Song, Daniel, and Moon And Moon.

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