Oct 18, 2009

Full House Dessert

Full House Dessert is located in Richland Plaza (rumors have it that place is haunted) at Bayview and 16th Avenue. It’s easily in my top two favorite Chinese desserts, though I only know a handful of places. They have a large selection and if you can’t read Chinese (like me), it’ll be bit a overwhelming.

Are there any Durian lovers out there? If you are one of the few who DO like this fruit, you understand that the divine taste of if outweighs the foul smell. In Thailand, it’s been banned in certain public places (i.e. offices and hospitals) since the smell it emits is so offensive. People have told me it smell like crap and have used a string of other foul smelling word to describe it, but I beg to differ.

Full House Desserts sells “Durian Pancake”, which is basically two slithers of Durian in a crepe with whipped cream inside. The durian is refrigerated so the consistency is less mushy and the smell is not as pungent. They also have this in a mango variety.

Doesn’t Durian look like some kind of medieval torture device? I’m sure this fruit can do some serious damage.

I ended up not ordering it because my friends weren’t too thrilled with the idea of sweet delicious smells of Durian attacking their olfactory senses for the rest of the night. I decided to get their other specialty, “Full House Dessert” (in Chinese it’s Yeung Gi Gum Lo). This dessert consists of mango, sago, and pieces of pomelo sprinkled in this milky mango puree. It’s one of my favorite desserts from here, and I think they make the best "Yeung Gi Gum Lo" in Toronto.

Durian smells like crap and is a bit mushy, but do yourselves a favor and try the Durian Pancake. Please don't eat this right before a first date. It results in extremely bad breathe that is guaranteed to scare any girls/guys away. If you just can't resist, you should make them eat it too so their breathe is just as bad.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of desserts in general but I just hate Chinese desserts.

    Durian smells like ass. I have no idea how people started eating it. Think about it. The first person to ever try durian looked at it from afar and thought. "Hey, there's a big spikey ball. Is it a weapon?" As they got closer they got a whiff of it and thought "That smells like shit let me get even closer to verify the odor is indeed coming from this ball of pain." So they get right up to it, cover their noses from the nasty odor and said "Let's eat that shit!"

  2. poo~ i don't like poo...

  3. awww.. now I'm hungry! lol
    And durian doesn't smell that bad... to me anyways =)

  4. Durians taste like onions to me. In the end, it's not worth getting over the smell to merely eat a fancified onion.