Oct 26, 2009


Morty’s is located in Waterloo and is frequented by many Laurier and Waterloo university students. It is a two story wings/drinking establishment brimming with good looking waitresses. Apparently, lots of raging hormone guys come here for the friendly and good looking waitresses (and for the wings of course) who serve them in short shorts/skirts in the summer.

Every Mondays and Thursdays, they have a special where if you buy a drink you can get wings for $0.50. Let me tell you, these aren’t your typical puny All-Star wings. Morty’s wings are relatively large and the meat on them is fairly juicy. You can’t go wrong with $0.50 cent wings!

The service was good and we only waited 10 minutes for a table. I ordered 10 wings and got two flavors, Wet Cajun and BBQ. Morty’s doesn’t have a lot of flavors in comparison to All-Stars Wings, but it compensates by having tastier wings that’s crispy and juicy. I’ve tried wings at All-Stars, Duff’s Wings, Honest Lawyers and other miscellaneous bars/restaurants, but none of them are as good as Morty’s. It’s the best wings place I’ve been to, so try it if you’re ever in that area!


  1. I totally agree! Morty's has the best wings!!!

    My personal favorite is the Wet Cajun & Honey Garlic combination. The sweetness offsets the spiciness. Sometimes I wonder where they source their BIG ASS wings.

  2. One problem. This place is in Waterloo! Unless it's for school, who the hell goes to Waterloo??