Aug 17, 2009

Jason Mr A-Z

Jason Mraz Concert Review. August 15, 2009. Molson Amphitheater. Opening acts: K’Naan and G.Love & Special Sauce.

Those who talk to me know that I’ve been obsessed with getting tickets to Jason Mraz’s concert. I had no one to go with so I bribed my boyfriend by offering to pay for his ticket. Don’t get the wrong idea, I assure you I still wear the pants in the relationship.

Jason Mraz sounded amazing live! His studio recordings don’t do him justice. His voice sounds surprisingly smooth and crisp live. Including the encore, he played for a full two hours. Jason Mraz engaged and interacted with the audience much more than other performers I’ve seen (i.e. Radiohead, Metric, City & Colour, The Killers, John Mayer, etc). He was charismatic, energetic and seemed to genuinely enjoy performing. What I like about Jason Mraz is he does a lot of improvising and witty wordplay. For the encore, he changed location and played on a stage in the middle of the crowd. The encore performance was more intimate and minimalistic, with a few lights shining on him. Some of my personal favorites include You & I Both, If It Kills Me, I’m Yours, A Beautiful Mess, Lucky, The Remedy and more.

There’s no way around it, Jason Mraz is one fine specimen of a man. My inner teenybopper was scratching and clawing to break out. I wanted to scream “I love you Jason Mraz! I want to have your baby, I have child bearing hips!” I was on the brink of doing so, but then I looked over and saw my boyfriend gazing lovingly at me. Talk about mood killer (haha jk)! I also refrained because he drove to the concert and the thought of taking the public transit home didn’t sound too appealing. A girl has got to be smart about these things!

Note: The child bearing hips comment was an exaggeration because anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I have the body of an underdeveloped 14 year old girl.

I got the tickets when Livenation was having a half off sale so they were only $10 each for lawn seats. I was reluctant at first because I like to have a seat. Last year, I had a bad experience when I went to a general admission Metric concert at Sound Academy. I got dry humped by a sweaty pleasantly plump girl behind me. The worst part was I think my back was beginning to chap toward the end of the night and her belly fit perfectly in the curvature of my back *shudders*. I guess I can’t blame her….rabid fans were pushing and shoving all over.

Watch this video and pay close attention at 1:01. I love Jason Mraz, but the dude has a giant tramp stamp on his lower back! I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t know whether to applaud him for getting a big black cock/rooster on his lower back or feel turned off because it reminds me of the Sriracha hot sauce logo!

Here are a few (blurry) pictures from the concert:


  1. Jason Mraz is G to the ay. The tramp stamp is a dead giveaway. The only other logical explanation is that he got if after an escalating series of dares.

    Mraz is also missing a well-placed in his name. Is the M silent? Or the R? Or do you pronounce both like Meraz? Seriously, Jason. What. The. Fuck.

  2. I got lawn seats at the Jason Mraz concert too. The concert was a blast!!! Best concert ever!!! Highlight of the night was when he played at the center stage and serenated me with LUCKY. I felt like I could touch him...