Aug 6, 2009

Paper Heart

On Wednesday, I went to an advanced screening of Paper Heart at the Scotiabank Theater because my friend had an extra ticket. I was ecstatic because who doesn’t like free stuff and the word “advanced screening” somehow makes me feel privileged, like I was being let into this event because I’m special, except I’m not. Maybe I’m a sucker for movies with love as their central theme, but I absolutely adore Paper Heart!

Like many others including myself, Charlyne is a cynic and doesn’t believe in love. She hits the road in attempt to understand the nature of love by interviewing couples to get their thoughts on this inexplicable emotion. The movie doesn’t attempt to offer a definite answer to what true love is. Instead, it provides personal anecdotes of couples, and a cute reenactment of their oh-so-magical beginnings. The stories allow the viewers to see that love touches everyone in a different way and is interpreted differently by each person. I’m not saying this movie will revolutionize your personal thoughts on love, but it’s uplifting to see that all-encompassing unconditional love does exist. The movie is funny, refreshing, and endearing.

The dynamics of Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera's relationship was awkwardly cute and quirky. Michael’s unsmoothness and lack of game made me uneasy, cringe and feel almost embarrassed for him (in a good way). I guess that’s always been Michael Cera’s strong suit and charm. Although Charlyne dresses like my grandmother and looks like your stereotypical asian nerd who probably snorts when she laughs, I found her very endearing. When she interviewed couples and inquired about their love story, she seemed very earnest and genuine. The lines of reality and fiction were often blurred. You’ll find yourself questioning whether or not it was reality or just part of the plot.

Here is the video and some quotes from a memorable scene from Paper Heart. Charlyne goes to a playground and asks a few children "What is the perfect date?"

Link to the Georgia Playground scene

Cute Girl#1: "Love is when they take you to Applebees and order you some hot wings!"

- haha kids say the darnest things! She knows what she's talking about because I know hot wings is definitely the key to my heart.

Cute Girl #2: “Me and my friends are in love, you wouldn’t know him….his name is Chris Brown.”

- I think I'm in love too, you wouldn’t know him …his name is Michael Cera. I think the moment happened precisely when he stated his intentions of stalking Charlyne by looking up where she lives on the internet.
“Cute Boy #1: "Take her to a movie but before that you will watch the sunset on the beach and the restaurant you will go to is a French riviera restaurant that only sells seafood. That's a good date!"
- Romeo over here knows how to treat the ladies well. This kid is going to grow up to be a womanizer!
- BUT at the same time, being overly romantic can be a double-edged sword. I can see him growing up to be one of those kids who try to give a bouquet of flowers to their “love” only to get their hearts broken and ultimately end up on failblog or youtube.

Poor kid!

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  1. So love to Cute Girl #2 is when you get smacked the fuck up?

    Love to me is when you don't have to buy dinner and still get laid.

    I miss George Michael!