Aug 20, 2009

St. Jacobs

St. Jacobs Country is located just north of Waterloo and is a popular tourist attraction within the area due to its Mennonite heritage and shops. It consists of a farmer’s market, flea market, outlet mall and a street with retail shops. Fresh farm products are sold within the farmers market and the flea market sells miscellaneous products at a discount.

I stayed there for a probably a total of 1.5 hours. There wasn’t much to see and the only difference between St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market and your typical farmer’s market is that some of the vendors wore Amish clothing. The St. Jacob’s flea market is similar to CNE’s (The EX) marketplace, but significantly smaller. The St. Jacob's Village is located 3km north of the St. Jacob's Market. It is a small street with a few retail shops, restaurants, and a bakery. It’s nothing special unless you are interested in Mennonite heritage or want to buy fresh produce. So would I ever come back? Probably not. St. Jacobs’s market was about as exciting as this post and the pictures I took, but I guess it was an interesting experience.

Click to enlarge the photos.

I got really close to take face was 4 inches away from his nose. I was honestly afraid the horse was going to either lick me, suddenly lunge at my face, or just has very very bad breathe.

The outlet mall was very small with only a few stores.

Horse and buggy is mode of transportation for some Mennonites. I wonder how they cope with the blistering cold and snow during the wintertime. Dog sleds? (im jk!)

The food court. Who wants to ride the sausage express?

Those are some gigantic cinnamon rolls. The picture is kind of blurry because I was trying to quickly take a picture of her in her Amish attire without her noticing.

Have you ever wondered what Mario would look like if he was obese? Stick with mushrooms and lay off the big Italian sausages!

The inside of the farmer's market building.


  1. Your photos are pretty vivid. Although this entry is not as funny as the previous one, I really enjoy looking at the pictures.

  2. We been spending most our lives, living in an amish paradise. I churn butter once or twice, living in an amish paradise. It's hard work and sacrifice, living in an amish paradise. We sell quilts at discount price, living in an amish paradise.

    St. Jacobs looks boring. Why are there still amish people? Do they think living that way is better? And why do they have electricity? I never plan to go there.

  3. St. Jacobs market is boring and did not change for many, many years. In fact many of the vendors at the market are regular at the EX. Waste of time.

  4. oh my i cant beleive you people think its boring its a great experiance great food great sights a great time if its so boring why do people come back time and time again the place is packed very weekend something for every one